February Tuition Due: January 30

Recital Fees Due: January 31

*Special Event | Valentine Dance Party: February 7*

[Spirit Week] Crazy Hair & Bun Week: February 17 – 22

March Tution Due: February 28 Class / Rehearsal

Visitation Week: March 9 – 14

Dance Co. Interest Parent Q&A Meeting: March 14

2020 Dress Rehearsals: June 22 & 23

2020 Spring Recital: June 27


* Enrollment in these classes requires prior Directrice approval. Prerequisites may include specific age limitations, experience requirements, and / or company involvement.

** Extra-Curricular Policy: For the dancers who will be participating in extracurricular sports activities or school activities in addition to taking dance classes here at the studio… You may choose to wait to join your dance class until the month when your obligations have concluded, however, please note that you will still be expected to pay tuition for the full dance year inasmuch as we are holding a spot for your child/children in a dance class.