This is where we answer the most common questions received.

Where do we park?

If your dancer has class in Studio 1 or 2 (2 Frederick Street), please park in the metered spots in all directions of the intersection. There are meters available in both directions of Rt 140 and Rt 194. These meters require payment until 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

If your dancer has class at Studio 3 (76 Frederick Street, Suite B), there are ample parking spots in the off-street lot.

Can I watch my child in class?

While we understand the desire to observe your child in class, our dance parents are not permitted during class time. Occasionally your child’s teacher will invite parents/guardians into the studio to see a sample of the choreography they have been learning or if there is a specific difficulty that requires your attention (like potty breaks for our tiny dancers).

How should my child dress for dance class?

  • Ballet students are expected to wear a black or pink leotard, pink/flesh tights, and pink/flesh soft leather ballet shoes. A ballet skirt is optional. During the winter dancers may wear warm up apparel over their leotard that can be easily removed when proper warm up is complete.
  • Other classes vary in suggested uniform and each teacher will share their preferences with you during the first weeks of class. Your child should always come to class dressed ready to dance, in clothing that fits well to allow full range of motion and flexibility. Jeans are inappropriate class attire.
  • We have monthly spirit weeks when our dancers are invited to dress outside of normal dance attire. Those dates are specified in our newsletter and on the calendar.

Can I drop off my child at class, or do I have to wait in the lobby?

If your dancer is over 8 years old and you wish to leave the studio during class, you may return to pick your child up at the end of class. Teachers will not release a child from class without seeing a parent or guardian present. If your dancer is under 8, we do prefer that you remain in the lobby in case of emergency.

*Please use caution and pull into a parking spot when dropping off or picking up your child. The corner is hazardous with large trucks frequently using the intersection, please do not double park and risk injury or incident.* 

My child is playing sports right now, can I enroll when the season ends?

To ensure your child gets into the class they need, we suggest enrolling early even if some classes will be missed. Unfortunately class spots cannot be held without tuition payment and we cannot guarantee available spaces at the end of your other obligation.

My child already took Ballet I last year, shouldn’t she be in Ballet II this year?

The level of the class is not indicative of a calendar year, it is a level of mastery. Most dancers will take 2-3 years to progress through and master a single level. Please feel free to talk with your dancer’s instructor with any questions or concerns you have regarding placement

My child wants pointe shoes. How old does she need to be for pointe class?

Our comprehensive Pointe Program begins with a readiness test and evaluation from our Directrice. Eligibility for the Pointe Program requires physical maturity and readiness as well as the ballet foundation needed. Interested dancers age 13+ should begin consulting with Miss Kim for more information. You can read more about out pointe classes in the ballet section of our class descriptions.

What if my child doesn’t want to perform in the Recital?

We encourage all of our dancers to participate in our end of year performance, but it is not mandatory. If your child is not interested in performing please consult with the teacher as soon as possible to avoid choreography adjustments. **Additionally, recital fees are due in October and are non-refundable because costumes are ordered in the winter and are not returnable without penalty. Teachers needs to know as soon as possible that a costume will not be ordered for any non-performing dancers. 

My son is interested in dance, do you have classes for boys?

All of our classes are co-ed and welcome male dancers! Seasonally, when there is enough interest and enrollment, we also run “boys only” classes to cover various genres.

Can my child bring a snack to class?

Some of our dancers are in the studio for multiple classes during the day, if they bring a snack we ask that it be a small contained item that they can easily clean up. Dancers are always encouraged to stay properly hydrated during class and are welcome to bring a water bottle. Please avoid sending candy. **For safety, we ask that NO PEANUT PRODUCTS are brought the the studio.**


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