(Dates & Times for each class listed below.) 

Dress rehearsals are held at Scott Center Theater at Carroll Community College:
Carroll Community College
1601 Washington Road
Westminster, MD 21157

Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th.

It is mandatory that you bring your dancer to the assigned dress rehearsal.

We understand that unforeseen situations arise. If it becomes apparent that your dancer will be unable to attend, please talk to your dancer’s teacher as soon as possible.

*All ticket orders will be distributed at dress rehearsal.*

Dress rehearsal is the only opportunity we have to get the dancers acclimated to being on stage. We want this to be a fun, positive experience for them.

Dancers are expected to arrive photo-ready, according to the instructions on the costume information sheet you receive from your teacher. This helps facilitate quick transition times:

  • Costume and included accessories (if applicable)
  • Tights (as needed)
  • Appropriate dance shoes
  • Make-up applied (age appropriate, natural look)

*Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled rehearsal time and join their class in the theater. Teachers and/pr their assistant will accompany classes to have their pictures taken by our photographers. Dancers are to remain with their classes in the auditorium unless directed elsewhere. *Parents are to remain in the auditorium until dancers are dismissed by their teacher.*

Please do not allow dancers and/or siblings to run around the auditorium or hallways.

Seating may be limited on the day of the show and dress rehearsal is an excellent opportunity to see the show if tickets are no longer available or if your family members are unable to attend the day of recital. Rehearsal is also a wonderful time for friends and family members to take pictures and videos of your dancer.



*Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled rehearsal time with your child dressed and ready for pictures and rehearsal.*

Monday, June 17th

4:10 Adv. Ballet Tech IV

4:20 Tiny Tots B (Tuesdays AM w/Miss Kim)

4:30 Int. Ballet Tech III

4:40 Baby Ballet A & B (Thur. & Sat. w/ Miss Meagan)

4:50 Junior Company

5:00 Foundations II (Wednesdays w/ Miss Lacey)

5:10 Opening (assigned Company members)

5:20 PeeWee Jazz

5:30 Young Company

5:40 Ballet I

5:50 Foundations I (Tuesdays w/ Miss Kim)

6:00 Tiny Tots D (Saturdays w/ Miss Allison)

6:10 PeeWee Hip Hop

6:20 Int. Mod/Contemporary III

6:30 Tiny Tots C (Saturdays w/ Miss Carley)

6:40 Wicked (Principal, Young, and assigned dancers)

6:50 Jazz I

7:00 Junior Company

7:10 Young Company

7:20 Teen Ballet

7:30 Modern I

7:40 Young Company

7:50 Junior Company

8:00 Tap/Jazz Combo I/II

8:10 Musical Theater I & II

8:20 Hip Hop II

8:30 Tap III

8:40 Tap II

8:50 Junior Company

Tuesday, June 18th

4:10 Intro. to Foundations

4:20 Adv. Ballet Tech V

4:30 Beg. Ballet Tech II

4:40 Modern II

4:50 Tiny Tots A (Mondays w/ Miss Lacey)

5:00 Pointe III

5:10 Mini Pre-Company

5:20 Hip Hop IV

5:30 Pre-Ballet

5:40 Hip Hop I

5:50 Senior Company

6:00 Mini Pre-Company

6:10 Pointe II

6:20 Ballet II

6:30 Principal Dancers

6:40 Adv. Modern IV

6:50 Mini Pre-Company

7:00 Senior Company & Principal Dancers

7:10 Ballet III/Beg. Ballet Tech I

7:20 Principal Dancers

7:30 Tap IV

7:40 Jazz Funk/Hip Hop III

7:50 Jazz III

8:00 Senior Company

8:10 Principal Dancers

8:20 Senior Company

8:30 Sleeping Beauty

8:40 Contemporary Ballet