Payments are due on the 30th of the preceding month. | Example: April Tuition is DUE March 30th.

$10.00 Late Fee assessed 10 days past the due date. | Example: Late fee is due if payment is made April 8th or following.

2020 Summer Session Class Tuition*

  • 45 minute class: $65.00*
  • 60 minute class: $71.25*
  • 75 minute class: $81.25*
  • 90 minute class: $87.50*
  • Maximum Summer Session tuition: per student $270 / per family $300 (adjusted after enrollment, or by emailing

Annual Enrollment Fees*

$20.00* for new enrollment

$25.00* family rate for new families (2+ students)

Returning families, the annual enrollment fee of $16/$20 will be added to your September bill. Please email with any questions regarding enrollment fees:

* Denotes Non-Refundable Fee

Multi-Class Discounts

Enrolling a student in more than one class or enrolling more than one student from your immediate family? We provide multi-class discounts on all classes when enrolling multiple students, or when a single student enrolls in multiple classes.

  • 2 Dancers and/or Classes: 5% off total tuition*
  • 3 Dancers and/or Classes:  10% off total tuition*
  • 4(or more) Dancers and/or Classes: 15% off total tuition*
  • Maximum monthly tuition: per student $240 / per family $270 (adjusted after completing registration)

Your discount will be calculated in your parent portal.

If you would like more information regarding discount rate eligibility, please email us at

*Company fees are not subject to multi-class discounts.

2019 – 2020 Regular Season Company Pricing

The following are the monthly packaged costs of company rehearsals and company ballet technique classes:

  • Senior Company $145.00 includes Ballet Class plus one additional 60min. class.
  • Junior Company $140.00 includes Ballet Class plus one additional 60min. class.
  • Apprentice Company (formerly known as Young) $135.00 includes Ballet Class plus one additional 60min. class.
  • Prep Company (formerly known as Mini) $90.00 includes Ballet Class

*Company fees are not subject to multi-class discounts.

Recital Costume Fees*

For those participating in the Spring Recital, as stated on the registration form, a nonrefundable recital fee is due for each class for which a student will perform in the Spring Recital. Recital fees are non-refundable.

All Classes: $72.00* recital fee and $12.00* tights fee if applicable (Total $89.04* with 6% MD Sales Tax)


  • Baby Ballet: $50.00 recital fee and $6.00 tight fee (Total $59.36* with 6% MD Sales Tax)
  • Hip Hop II, Hip Hop Teen & Hip Hop III: $80.00* recital fee. (Total $84.80* with 6% MD Sales Tax)
  • Pointe: $80.00 recital fee and $14.00 for Pointe tights.  (Total $99.64* with 6% MD Sales Tax)

* Denotes Non-Refundable Fee

Special Program Pricing

ADULT DANCE CLASSES (Non-performing) | $14.00/class

SUMMER DROP-IN (Must complete enrollment form) | $14.00/class

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