Jayce Schwartzbeck

[Instructor, Prep Company Director]

Jayce has been dancing for 13 years at TDC and even had the opportunity to take a master class with former principal dancer Linda Fisher-Harrell from Alvin Ailey. Recently Jayce just finished her apprenticeship to teach, and she is a fan favorite here at the studio.

Jayce has a broad range of training in almost every genre of dance. Tap and ballet are her favorite.

“Since the age of two and my very first memory, my life has revolved around dance. To me it is way more than just a sport. It’s a way to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time. It’s something that has grown into a lifestyle, a desire, and an amazing experience that has been shared with many individuals. Dance pushes you to do things that you never thought you could. And I love that aspect, having a challenge put up for yourself and not stopping until you get it.”

“To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.” -Aubrey Lynch 

Email: jayce@taneytowndancecenter.com